Thursday, June 10, 2010

May/June Update

2 Chapters Added to Jacaranda Plains

After another long stretch between updates, two new chapters have been added to Jacaranda Plains. Pick up the threads of the story from Chapter 43.

New Short Story - Titanic Decision

"You can only save one life - who do you choose and why?"

Sean Jones, a formidable force on the football field is reduced to quivering jelly by his fear of being in a plane crash. The story of one particular man who died on the Titanic gives his thoughts a new direction.

Main Navigation Pages Restyled

My very ad-hoc web design has not been ageing well, and didn't display properly in some newer browsers. I have attempted a quick fix by changing some of the coding and backgrounds of the main navigation pages and by simplifying some of the sections until I have more time to properly maintain the site. (None of the original story pages have been altered as yet.)

Do let me know if the pages don't display properly in the browser you are using.

Heart Notes Don't Work in Google Chrome

I have been trying out Google Chrome as a web browser recently and have discovered that it doesn't display the 'alternative text' for images. (The 'alt text' is the label that pops up when your mouse pointer hovers over an image.) This was the method I was using to add extra information, like Bible verses, via the Heart Notes - especially in Jacaranda Plains. While the extra information doesn't show in Google Chrome, the links (usually to the passage in an online Bible) still work.

I think I'll be able to fix this problem by adding a 'title text' tag to each Heart Note, but it will be some time before the Heart Notes in previous chapters are fixed.

That's it for now,