Saturday, December 19, 2009

Non-Update Update

And to think I thought it would be easier to post regular updates on a blog than on the Tulipfiction website . . . but, alas, it's never easy to post an update saying that there's nothing new as yet.

God has indeed blessed me with better health this year, for which I am extremely grateful, but the only downside is that being more physically active pretty much zapped any creative or mental energy. (I've been woefully slow answering emails too, I'm sorry.)

Just recently I've been starting to get back into writing again, so hopefully I'll make some more progress on Jacaranda Plains soon. No promises as to how long it will take to get more posted on the website, but Lord willing, I will get the whole story finished eventually.

If you want to save yourself the disappointment of checking the website in the meantime . . . just join up the Tulipfiction News notification group at Google Groups. I'll send out an email when there is something to share.